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"In our work and in our living, we must recognize that difference is a reason for celebration and growth, rather than a reason for destruction."      

- Audre Lorde


"Lead, serve, educate and support.

That's how you manifest change."

- Marisa Hall

Diversity, Inclusion, ​and Philanthropy in Media Matters.

Working with a multitude of people and a plethora of platforms to gauge thought-provoking dialogue that grasps the true value of diversity and inclusion can be challenging and often times without result.

Imagine doing that and ensuring substantial outcomes. We're talking about outcomes that create change in the spaces that were once closed off to a group of people. That is an unexplainable and humbling accomplishment. 

As a diversity & inclusion coaching professional, speaker and marketing director, Marisa Hall delivers just that! 

Her extensive background in marketing and pharmaceutical sales has leveraged her knowledge, connections and experience to take lead as an innovative and sought-after consultant on a plethora of projects in media and entertainment.

With a focus on education, insight, and opportunities for impact in the entertainment and philanthropic world Marisa Hall Entertainment strives to make every event a memorable and captivating experience, placing a large emphasis on delivering subject matter that reflects opportunity for actionable solutions.


Past, Present and Future

Valued Partnerships

Philanthropy Is

Created by Tiffany Rachel, Marisa Hall and Lena Anderson, The Philanthropy Is podcast connects and engages with an influential and involved community that is shaping the culture by answering one simple question: “What are you contributing to the solution?”

The Robey Theater Company

Founded in 1994 The Robey Theater Company's mission is to foster a community of creatives whose primary purpose is to write, develop and produce plays, by and about, the global Black experience.

I Love Black Movies

iloveblackmovies is the official site of Black Hollywood. We cover everything that is black cinema from the classics to new releases. 


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